Passionate About Inspiring and Empowering Others to reach their BEST!

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my site!


I am Patricia (Pat) Glover and the President of Glover Life Coaching LLC.  


 I would like to personally speak to you about me and tell you why I would be a great asset as Coach in your individual and family life, and with my experience and skills in the Business world I can have a great impact of those of you who are Entrepreneurs, or part of a Management Team or Staff.  And because I have years of experience working with Nonprofits, I am available to take your Organization to the next level.


I am a Certified Professional Coach and have been Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring various members of the Community for over 30 years.  I understand firsthand how important it is to encourage and empower those who are members of a Family, Workplace, Community or even Spiritual Organization to use their gifts, skills, and experiences – even negative ones – to make a positive impact in their lives first, and then to ‘pay it forward.’ 


I am the President of STEP Business Services, and have had, and still do, much opportunity to work with not only Individual Clients, but Corporate Clients, and Nonprofit Organizations as well.  I have consulted with these Companies to assist them in increasing Team Members’ morale and productivity by teaching them the positive effect of taking a more participatory interest in the Company that employs them.  Management have also benefitted from my Coaching and Consulting.  I facilitate workshops, and individual and group sessions to implement policies and procedures strengthened by not only Company training, but training in basic Life Skills and Business practices.  As a Co-founder of LEAP, the Ladies Empowerment and Action Program, a Prison Re-entry Transition Program, I have worked with Barry University Andreas School of Business and the Entrepreneurial Institute to organize a ‘How to Start Your Own Business’ leg of our three-legged teaching stool, which also included Life Skills and Business Skills Training.

I have been honored by the Farmers of Cabot Creamery to have been selected as one of their Cabot Celebrities, a Group of Volunteers from around the country who serve in their Communities.  Because of this wonderful honor, I have been awarded 3 cruises by the Organization!


I am a frequent speaker, Training Instructor and Facilitator in various settings which include Corporations, Correctional (both Staff, Volunteers and Inmates), Churches, and provide Premarital, Post Marital and Family Counseling, and Spiritual Empowerment. 


I have a PASSION to EMPOWER!  Glover Life Coaching is not a job, it is what I LOVE to do!  Your Bridge to BETTER is in YOU or in Your Company or Your Organization, and I am available and honored to help you in being a part of that journey.


I am a co-author of three books, and will soon Author a Book of Devotions by the end of 2020!


I am the proud Mother of 6 adult children, and 23 grandchildren. (yes, 23!), and more recently, 1 great granddaughter!  So as you can see, I’ve been Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring for some time! I love to read, travel, spend time with family and friends, and attend small concerts (especially doo wop!) 


I can’t wait to begin this journey with you!

Certifications include:
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Ordained Minister
  • Registered with the IRS as a Certified Tax Preparer
Qualifications include:
  • Board Member of several Organizations
  • Instructor and Trainer to many For profit and Non profit Organizations
  • More than 30 years of Mentoring, Counseling and Consulting Individuals and Organizations